[Fedora Robotics] New Gearbox, Stage Issues

Rich Mattes richmattes at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 03:28:52 UTC 2009

Hi All,

I updated gearbox to 9.07-3, and fixed a bunch of issues relating to 
install directories.  I also fixed an issue that prevented the ppc 
build.  Now the only unsupported arch is ppc64, because of a missing 
dependency.  We can probably enable ppc in Player now, I only disabled 
it because of issues with Gearbox (which Player will depend on at some 
point).  And please feel free to review the package: 

I've got some trouble with my Stage 3.2.1 package.  By default, 
libstageplugin only builds a target called "stageplugin.so", which 
installs to ${prefix}/lib.  I changed the cmake files around to generate 
a libstageplugin.so and libstageplugin.so.3.2.1.  These are in the 
-devel and vanilla pacakges, respectively.  Player is now having trouble 
loading a library with a version number attached to it, but has no 
problems loading libstageplugin.so (which means the stage-devel file is 
needed to make player and stage play nice).  I can either remove the 
version information from libstageplugin.so.3.2.1, or change all of the 
config files to load "libstageplugin.so.3.2.1".  I was also thinking we 
might be able to create a /usr/lib/player, and have unversioned player 
plugins live there by default.  Then we could patch player to look there 
when it tries to load plugin libraries.  This could help in the future 
if we try to seperate libplayerdrivers.so into a bunch of smaller 
pieces, but there's probably other issues we'll have to deal with if we 
try that.

Let me know if you have any ideas on how I should handle this.


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