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Rigel Bibbins downpipe at torensma.net
Thu Dec 24 19:43:56 UTC 2009

 the Principal. What do you think he went and did only last term. Why,
he was having some of the senior men to tea and was going to put some
coal on the fire with the tongs and some sugar in his cup. Bothered if
he didn't put the sugar in the fire and a lump of coal in his cup. It
didn't so much matter him putting sugar in the fire. That's all
according, as they say. But fancy--well, I tell you we had a good laugh
over it in the lodge when the gentlemen came out and told me." "Ought I
to explain that I've already dined with him?" Mark asked. "Are you in
any what you might call immediate hurry to get away?" the porter asked
judicially. "I'm in no hurry at all. I'd like to stay a bit longer."
"Then you'd better go to dinner with him again to-night and stay in
college over the Sunday. I'll take it upon myself to explain to the Dean
why you're still here. If it had been tea I should have said 'don't
bother about it,' but dinner's another matter, isn't it? And he always
has dinner laid for two or more in case he's asked anybo
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