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Luton Roessing chaffinch at cameno.co.uk
Thu Dec 31 20:08:34 UTC 2009

Istol, ever restless and ambitious, had put in practice every art, to
possess himself of the king's favour. As this is the same Digby whom
Count Bussy mentions in his annals, it will be sufficient to say that he
was not at all changed: he knew that love and pleasure had possession of
a master, whom he himself governed, in defiance of the chancellor; thus
he was continually giving entertainments at his house; and luxury and
elegance seemed to rival each other in those nocturnal feasts, which
always lead to other enjoyments. The two Miss Brooks, his relations,
were always of those parties; they were both formed by nature to excite
love in others, as well as to be susceptible of it themselves; they were
just what the king wanted: the ear
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