Getting FE security (team/sig) moving / on the road

Stefan Neufeind fedora-legacy at
Mon Mar 6 13:59:40 UTC 2006

Hans de Goede wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just subsribed to this list, but I know from the archive that this has
> already been somewhat discussed on the list, still for completness first
> a short intro.
> For people outside the loop:
> We a small group of FE contributers have been discussing creating /
> instantitiating a FE security sig / team.
> What we have sofar can be found on:

Hi Hans & friends,

Well done I'd say. I agree with the points already mentioned in the
policy. However there are two points I see remaining:

- To what degree would a newer version be allowed without the
backporting-hassle? Do we need a special policy for security-updates,
since in case of security-updates the usual "testing"-stage is dropped?

- How about joining forces with Fedora Legacy? As I am subscribed to
both mailinglists, I see they would also favor a closer cooperation with
Fedora/Fedora Extras in various ways. Maybe the effort of backporting
fixes could be coordinated with them? (Though I understand they will
usually have a lot harder time to backport fixes :-) )


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