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Re: Not good

On Fri, 2 Apr 2004 08:28, Gene Czarcinski <gene czarc net> wrote:
> OK, I updated with todays round of updates ... at least with respect to
> selinux.  This includes the kernel, policy, policy-sources, and
> policycoreutils.
> I then rebooted and ran "make reload" and "make relabel".  They seemed to
> complete OK.  However, I cannot login from gdm as root (!), a regular user,
> or a user with a sysadm role defined ... I get an indication that the home
> directory could not be found (including for root).

What AVC messages do you get?

> BTW, what are the "right" circumstances for running "make relabel"?  I have
> sometimes gotten an error saying it could not handle "/dev/tty1".  Should I
> plan to do this from single-user-mode?

The error regarding /dev/tty1 is intentional.  You don't want the terminal you 
are using to run setfiles to be relabeled, that would get in the way of other 
tasks you might want to perform before logging out.

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