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Re: Not good

Gene Czarcinski wrote:

OK, I updated with todays round of updates ... at least with respect to selinux. This includes the kernel, policy, policy-sources, and policycoreutils.

I then rebooted and ran "make reload" and "make relabel". They seemed to complete OK. However, I cannot login from gdm as root (!), a regular user, or a user with a sysadm role defined ... I get an indication that the home directory could not be found (including for root).

BTW, what are the "right" circumstances for running "make relabel"? I have sometimes gotten an error saying it could not handle "/dev/tty1". Should I plan to do this from single-user-mode?

First off you should never have to do a relabel, Or only under extreme circumstances.
The problem here was the movement of the .Xauthority file out to /tmp. The new policy should fix your problem.



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