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Re: missing policies?

On Sun, 2004-04-04 at 15:08, Ric Letson wrote:
> Where are the user policies located? 
> Am I missing /etc/security/selinux/src/policy/users or has the user list
> moved to another location? It may be somewhere else and I'm just not
> finding it, my only experience with selinux was on gentoo.
> Also, does anyone know of any good documentation on the Fedora Core 2
> SELinux implementation? The Fedora website is pretty sparse as far as
> any documentation goes, probably due to it not being written yet.

So far, the only Fedora project produced doxen is the SELinux FAQ:


We'll move that to the Fedora docs pages on fedora.redhat.com, in a few
weeks after the changes to the FAQ slow down.

There is one Fedora Core specific installation doc, which may help you
with some of your questions:


hth - Karsten
Karsten Wade, Sr. Tech Writer
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