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some hits from latest set of updates

The latest version of udev (024-3) may fix something but it breaks others -- 

My reason for this message is really another matter.  When I say the large 
number of denied messages involving udev, I immediately reinstalled 
udev-023-2 and, sure enough, they went away ... well mostly.  My sound was 
broken again ... not for root (I could run s-c-soundcard) but for the user.

OK, I knew how to fix that ... "telinit 1", "setfiles /etc/security... /dev", 
"telinit 5"  ... sound works again for the user.

Now, my question is how will this be handled in the future?  With the large 
number of updates during the release development cycle, the number of updates 
(and sometimes reinstall oldpackage) has created situtations where the 
attributes on a file have gotten screwed up.

Through experience (I have done it enough times), I have come to know that 
occasionally I will need to do a relabel (or if I am lucky and know the 
general area, a setfiles).  But how will this be handled once FC2 is release?  
Will a general user be willing to run selinux=1, enforcing=1 if things get 
screwed up when they update packages and suddenly things stop working 
(because some file is mis-labeled)?

I want to run selinux and plan to run enforcing=1 regardless of what FC2 ships 
by default.  But, will that be true of most users?


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