cups wants to write to /usr/lib/python2.4/.../printconf_tui.pyo, etc

Jeff Johnson n3npq at
Sun Dec 5 14:35:52 UTC 2004

Tim Waugh wrote:

>On Sat, Dec 04, 2004 at 10:48:54AM -0800, Tom London wrote:
>>Running strict/enforcing, latest Rawhide.
>>When logging in, cups, running in cupsd_config_t
>>wants to write /usr/lib/python/site-packages/printconf_tui.pyo,
>>and /usr/share/printconf/util/printconf_tui.pyo.
>>Strict and Permissive avc's shown below.
>This comes up periodically.  I am still waiting for the rpm
>configuration bit that fixes this to be turned on.
Me too.

So I'll add brp-python-bytecompile to the automagic build root policy
script collection in the macro %__os_install_post  within rpm default
configuration in my next rpm-4.3.3-2 build.

Which is a bit rude, much like inflicting -debuginfo everywhere
was a bit rude, and won't get rpm-4.3.3-2 into beehive build trees, and
won't rebuild the packages that need to include *.pyo, but
perhaps Godot will come along in a bit.

73 de Jeff

RCS file: /cvs/devel/rpm/,v
retrieving revision 2.17
diff -u -b -B -w -p -r2.17
--- 8 Jan 2003 21:37:01 -0000       2.17
+++ 5 Dec 2004 14:27:39 -0000
@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@
     @RPMCONFIGDIR@/brp-strip \
     @RPMCONFIGDIR@/brp-strip-static-archive \
     @RPMCONFIGDIR@/brp-strip-comment-note \
+    @RPMCONFIGDIR@/brp-python-bytecompile \

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