not relabeling "/dev/:0".

Daniel J Walsh dwalsh at
Thu Dec 9 17:02:35 UTC 2004

Stephen Smalley wrote:

>On Wed, 2004-12-08 at 18:09, Nalin Dahyabhai wrote:
>>I think some piece of code (pam_selinux maybe?) is assuming that
>>prepending "/dev/" to the value of the PAM_TTY item results in a path
>>which can be relabeled.  I think gdm sets it to ":0" on at least some
>>platforms, for example.
>>Is there a particular command or program being run when this happens, or
>>is it happening when you log in?
>Hmm...I thought that the SELinux patch for gdm was upstreamed and that
>it no longer needed to use pam_selinux (and I seem to recall pam_selinux
>not working for gdm anyway since the pam_open_session call was made from
>the wrong process to set up the exec context), but I still see a
>pam_selinux entry in /etc/pam.d/gdmsetup.  Ok, looking at the gdm SRPM,
>there is definitely SELinux code in daemon/slave.c to get the user's
>default context and set the exec context, so I don't see why you'd need
>pam_selinux for it.
Ok removing from gdm.

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