Daniel J Walsh dwalsh at redhat.com
Fri Dec 17 03:47:32 UTC 2004

Karsten Wade wrote:

>Both dhcpd.fc and dhcpc.fc have an ifdef statement for `dhcp_defined'.
>It seems to be related to pump usage in dhcpc.fc.
>I can't find where dhcp_defined gets set to true or false.  What is this
>for and how is it used?
>Somehow I feel as if I'm missing something obvious.  However, this is
>the only *_defined I can find in the policy. 
>thx - Karsten
They both define it.  This way if one or the other is not included the 
dhcpd_state still gets labeled.
If they are both included in policy, the file context would get defined 
twice and the compiler does not
like that.


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