Fedora Targeted List grows on Rawhide.

Daniel J Walsh dwalsh at redhat.com
Mon Dec 20 20:09:39 UTC 2004

I have added several targets to Targeted Policy as of 
I am attempting to add most of the network daemons to targeted.  In 
order to experiment with this new
policy file, you will need to relabel.  Or you can just relabel the 
target you are interested in.

The best way to do this is install the policy and then execute

rpm -q -l TARGETRPM | restorecon -R -f -

Current targets

amanda.te apache.te cups.te dhcpd.te dictd.te dovecot.te fingerd.te 
ftpd.te howl.te i18n_input.te inetd.te innd.te kerberos.te ktalkd.te 
ldconfig.te lpd.te mailman.te modutil.te mta.te mysqld.te named.te 
nscd.te ntpd.te portmap.te postgresql.te privoxy.te radius.te radvd.te 
rpcd.te rshd.te rsync.te samba.te slapd.te snmpd.te spamd.te squid.te 
stunnel.te syslogd.te tftpd.te winbind.te ypbind.te ypserv.te zebra.te

This is not a commitment for this list in FC4, some could be pulled if 
they don't work well :*).

The goal of targeted policy is to protect all network daemons and to 
allow userspace to run with normal privs.    You still need strict 
policy to confine userspace.

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