FC3 " avc: denied" issue

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Mon Dec 27 15:36:07 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 28 December 2004 02:27, Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:
> > If the interface between kernel and user-space doesn't change then all
> > they need to do is have one RPM for the shared objects and a set of RPMs
> > that install .ko's in the correct places for each kernel.  You would just
> > have to make sure that every time you upgrade your kernel you install the
> > matching drivers.  If you didn't install the drivers then the symptom
> > would be a lack of 3D graphics which would be easy to fix.
> The reason why "they" did it the way "they" did, with one installer for
> everybody, was precisely because all the "you" out there would encounter
> issues with "install the matching drivers" - what qualifies as "easy to
> fix" for most readers of this list results in a call to the vendor for Joe
> Sixpack.

So what do they do instead?  Force a binary-only module to be loaded into a 
kernel of a version other than the one it was created for?  That's a recipe 
for disaster!  I hope that the users of the NVidia drivers don't have any 
important data on their machines...

> (Hell, just the last 48 hours I had a mysterious X.org issue caused by two
> conflicting NVidia libraries, a crufty one in one directory, a current
> version in another, and the symptoms depended on what order ldconfig found
> things in ld.so.conf....)

It seems that the NVidia drivers suck in many ways.  What's the best option 
for 3D graphics in Linux nowadays?  Not NVidia I guess.

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