SELinux and third party installers

Mike Hearn mike at
Thu Dec 30 21:05:25 UTC 2004


I have a couple of questions. The first is that in the FC3 targetted
policy, it appears that ldconfig cannot write to user_home_t directories.
Why is this? It appears to be a restriction with no purpose, and some
programs rely on this to work. In fact I see from the archives that
ldconfig not being able to write or search certain directories has come up

The second question is what impact SELinux will have on third party
installers. It seems from the nVidia thread that currently if you copy
files onto the system using "cp", this is the wrong way to do it and it
will break peoples SELinux setups. This surely cannot be correct: that'd
break every pretty much every third party installer (eg Loki Setup,
etc) out there!

If this is the case and this rather questionable decision is not reversed,
is using "install" the correct way to go about things on *every* SELinux
enabled distro, or is that a Fedora custom thing? It's a bit worrying how
much Fedora SELinux seems to differ from upstream, is this something that
will get better with time?

thanks -mike

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