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Re: 'allow XXXX udev_tdb_t:dir r_dir_perms' needed...

Tom London wrote:

Running strict/enforcing, latest Rawhide....

X fails to come up, etc.

Looks like allow XXXX udev_tdb_t:dir r_dir_perms;
is needed pretty generally, especially
for xdm_t, xdm_server_t, ptal_t, pam_console_t,
lvm_t, hald_t, gpm_t, cupsd_t. Even
user_t seems to want it for configuring esd.

Should this be added to macros somewhere?


Does this solve the problem?

diff -u global_macros.te~ global_macros.te
--- global_macros.te~   2004-12-22 11:18:14.000000000 -0500
+++ global_macros.te    2004-12-22 12:56:43.883461279 -0500
@@ -242,7 +242,7 @@
allow $1_t { self proc_t }:dir r_dir_perms;
allow $1_t { self proc_t }:lnk_file read;

-allow $1_t device_t:dir { getattr search };
+r_dir_file($1_t, device_t)
allow $1_t null_device_t:chr_file rw_file_perms;
dontaudit $1_t console_device_t:chr_file rw_file_perms;
dontaudit $1_t unpriv_userdomain:fd use;

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