Fedora SELinux FAQ

Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Mon Mar 29 04:40:46 UTC 2004

Releasing in time for Fedora Core 2 test2, this FAQ collects some of the
most useful and important information you need to get started in using
SELinux under Fedora Core.


The FAQ includes general SELinux concepts as well as questions from
testers, and details a few of the new Fedora Core capabilities shipping
in test2.

Answers in this FAQ have been written with SELinux and Fedora Core
developers.  Starting immediately, the FAQ is receiving updates via
http://bugzilla.redhat.com, with traffic Cc:ed to
fedora-selinux-list at redhat.com (see below).  We expect the FAQ to be a
useful resource following the test release.

The rest of this email is for anyone who is interested in contributing
changes or additions to the FAQ.

## SELinux FAQ Process for Fedora Core 2 test2 

1. FAQ is available at

2. When a developer has a patch or addition for the FAQ, here is the
process used:

2.1 Reporter uses the link provided in the FAQ, which goes to a saved
bugzilla template that has component, assigned, Cc:, blocker, etc.
fields pre-filled.

2.2 Reporter fills out the rest of the bug report, and submits.  A copy
is sent to fedora-selinux-list.

2.3 Subsequent conversation can happen via bugzilla as a thread of the
initial bug report.  When the conversation is complete, the FAQ is

2.4 The bug report is ideally closed, noting the conclusion of the
report, and providing all relevant links.

3. Patches should be XML diffs (preferred) or plain text changes showing
the before and after or just the text addition (not a real patch).

## 30

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