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Re: policy packages

Richard Hally wrote:

Gene Czarcinski wrote:

I noticed that there is a new policy package in development (policy-strict-sources) to make a total of three (policy, policy-sources, and policy-strict-sources).

How do the three packages relate to the old two package situation? Is policy-sources now more "relaxed" than previous versions? If it is more "relaxed", how about policy?


Well, when I installed policy-strict-sources, it replaced the files from the policy-sources package. Surprise! I would have thought in would have installed them under /etc/security/selinux/src/policy-strict. I hope we will be able to have both (or more) policies sources installed at the same time.
If I rename src/policy to src/policy-strict can I then reinstall policy-sources? what rpm options should I use?
Thanks for the help
Richard Hally

Yes that was a mistake that it got out. I am working on a new version of the policy src rpm. It will create 4 rpms. policy and policy-sources which will contain the targeted policy (relaxed) policy. policy-strict and policy-strict-sources which will contain the strict policy (The policy we currently ship). This should be available in the first rawhide versions of FC3. Policy sources will install in
/etc/security/selinux/targeted/src/policy. Strict policy sources will install in /etc/security/selinux/strict/src/policy.


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