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Re: Difference between policy-sources and policy-strict-sources

Jochen Schmitt wrote:


I have found the packages policy-sources-1.11.3-3 and
policy-strict-sources-1.11.3-3 in the rawhide repository.

I was wondering, that both packages can installed on the same system.

when I enter

$ rpm -qi

I could found out, that both packages are based on the same Source RPM.

After I have got the filelist of both packages with

$ rpm -ql

I have found out, that both packages contains the same files.

It will be nice, if anyone can explain be the aint to build both packages and why it is possible to installed both on the same machine.

I think, policy-strict-sources should contains policies with more restrictive
rigths, so I assume, there should be a conflict between both packages.

Best Regards: Jochen Schmitt
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fedora-selinux-list redhat com

Here is Dan Walsh's answer from another thread in case you didn't see it.

Yes that was a mistake that it got out. I am working on a new version of the policy src rpm. It will create 4 rpms. policy and policy-sources which will contain the targeted policy (relaxed) policy. policy-strict and policy-strict-sources which will contain the strict policy (The policy we currently ship). This should be available in the first rawhide versions of FC3. Policy sources will install in
/etc/security/selinux/targeted/src/policy. Strict policy sources will install in /etc/security/selinux/strict/src/policy.


Richard Hally

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