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RE: New user

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> Subject: New user
> Hi there,
> 	I hope you can help. I've just installed 'Fedora COre2', with
> Selinux
> enabled.
> Using 'seuser' I created a new 'defined' selinux user, with user_r role
> only. I also created the users /home/* directory under the same process.
> I'm using the 'gnome' window manager interface.
> Now when I try to log on with this new user, I get all sorts of errors to
> do with the users environment, eventually allowing me a blank interface,
> with 'right-click' functionality only.
> Any ideas?

This sounds like your home directory is not labeled correctly, probably as a
result of seuser not running properly. See my other message in this thread
about how to fix seuser and let me know if that fixes your problems.


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