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Re: hello all, I just joined the list

	OH-MY, could my computer be a zombie of of NSA?
Could I be a part of a weird plot with the NSA and Aliens using SELinux and 
parallel computing and my computer to create an Intelligent Supercomputer 
that will rule the world?

	UHHHH--forget it--just remembered, that was the dream I had last night about 
the Dwarf blue Girl from the 7th planet of Zwqqvvzzz--never mind. 

	Just a note to say "THANKS Guys/Girls for being here". I read a lot--post 
seldom. Still trying to figure out these "zombie" SELinux features--but I 
like SELINUX. Somebody tell NSA thanks-- even though they have devious dark 
plans for protecting computer OS's.

On Friday April 8 2005 06:10 am, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 March 2005 10:54, "nanocurie" <nanocurie cocmast net> wrote:
> >             I just joined the list. I just downloaded and installed FC3,
> > and noticed that it had SE-Linux installed by default. I thought okay, so
> > the NSA now can/will take control of my secure computers. Good, if
> > there's
> The SE Linux code is clean and reasonably easy to read, it has been checked
> by many people.  If you are concerned about back-doors in kernel code then
> you should be concerned about the device drivers for less popular hardware
> and other code that doesn't get much attention.

.................steve    w5set

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