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Re: hello all, I just joined the list

steve wrote:
OH-MY, could my computer be a zombie of of NSA?

It could be, but if it were, _you_ would never know. ;)

Could I be a part of a weird plot with the NSA and Aliens using SELinux and parallel computing and my computer to create an Intelligent Supercomputer that will rule the world?

Shoot, Mork! we need a more subtle approach, the earthlings are catching on!

Nanu Nanu.

UHHHH--forget it--just remembered, that was the dream I had last night about the Dwarf blue Girl from the 7th planet of Zwqqvvzzz--never mind.

I remember her!

Careful, she is on the rebound from James T Kirk....

 I am not sure I would want to follow his act,
   I hear James is a "High Risk" Category type...

[ Remember, he cried like a Baby when Spock Died, 'nough said ! ]

Just a note to say "THANKS Guys/Girls for being here". I read a lot--post seldom. Still trying to figure out these "zombie" SELinux features--

Me too, and I think the real trick is.. [the remainder of this sentence has been censored for your own safety, Comrade -- Zombiware (tm)]


but I like SELINUX. Somebody tell NSA thanks-- even though they have devious dark plans for protecting computer OS's.

Oh, no need to... you posted into -this- list.

They are -well- aware of you, and your opinions, by now.

Remember the TIA slogan: "In God we trust, all else we Monitor!".


(Caution: Any similarity between this post, and reality,
  is -purely- coincidental...
   OK, with the exception of the Kirk-Spock thing.)


On Friday April 8 2005 06:10 am, Russell Coker wrote:

On Tuesday 01 March 2005 10:54, "nanocurie" <nanocurie cocmast net> wrote:

           I just joined the list. I just downloaded and installed FC3,
and noticed that it had SE-Linux installed by default. I thought okay, so
the NSA now can/will take control of my secure computers. Good, if

The SE Linux code is clean and reasonably easy to read, it has been checked by many people. If you are concerned about back-doors in kernel code then you should be concerned about the device drivers for less popular hardware and other code that doesn't get much attention.

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