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Re: mv hard drives with lvm/selinux ?

On Sunday 13 March 2005 02:07, Justin Conover <justin conover gmail com> 
> This kind of brings up another question, if I create a raid 5 with 3
> or 4 disk and have my system only one 1 disk, and that one disk blows
> up.  Will it be easy to replace that disk and see the
> raid5/lvm/selinux files?  Or should I take the caution and put my
> system in a raid 1 too.

With some effort you can have grub boot from a RAID-1 (I won't try to explain 
how as I'm not an expert on booting, but it's something I've done before).

You may decide to use non-RAID for /boot.  After the kernel and the initrd 
have been loaded the initrd can setup RAID so you can have LVM on software 
RAID for the root file system (it's even supported in Anaconda).

For a serious machine there are two ways of doing it.  One is to have RAID for 
all file systems including the root file system.  The other option is to have 
a kickstart configuration that completely describes the configuration of the 
system so that the machine can easily be reinstalled at a moment's notice.

For an ideal server room you would have RAID on the system partitions and swap 
(so that a disk dying won't cause you to do any work at 3AM), RAID for data 
partitions (of course!), as well as having a dedicated server for kickstart 
that does DHCP and has NFS read-only shares containing every version of 
RHEL/Fedora that you run on your network.  To do this right the kickstart 
server would be configured to assign a particular IP address and config file 
to each machine based on it's MAC address so reinstalling any server could be 
done by merely booting from a kickstart device (either CD or USB dongle).

One thing I'm working on at the moment is a document on kickstart 
configuration for SE Linux.

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