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Re: Tweaks to the clamav policy

On Thursday 17 March 2005 00:17, David Hampton 
<hampton-rh rainbolthampton net> wrote:
> I've added support to the (unused) clamav policy to allow listening for
> service requests on a TCP socket, and for interacting with amavis.  I
> also made some tweaks that  tighten up the network access allowed by
> freshclam, split the freshclam and spamd log files into two different
> types, and make the clamd control socket a unique type.  Thanks.

+can_network_client_tcp(freshclam_t, http_port_t);

This should be replaced by web_client_domain (the policy for which may need to 
be adjusted).  Among other things the above policy doesn't work for 

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