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Re: Tweaks to the amavis policy

On Thursday 17 March 2005 00:18, David Hampton 
<hampton-rh rainbolthampton net> wrote:
> I've added support to the (unused) amavis policy to allow interaction
> with additional mail filters, and added a new type specifically for
> quarantined spam and viruses.  I also tweaked the network access to
> limit ports that can be used by amavisd.  I'd appreciate any feedback on
> these changes or tips on how to write better policies.  Thanks.

+# Tmp reaper
+ifdef(`tmpreaper.te', `
+allow tmpreaper_t amavisd_quarantine_t:dir { read search getattr setattr 
unlink };
+allow tmpreaper_t amavisd_quarantine_t:file getattr;

tmpreaper_t should not need setattr access to the directory.

To perform any useful function tmpreaper_t will need read/write access to the 
directory and unlink access to the file such as the following:

allow tmpreaper_t amavisd_quarantine_t:dir { rw_dir_perms unlink };
allow tmpreaper_t amavisd_quarantine_t:file { getattr unlink };

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