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Re: Adding Raid 5 partition

stuart wrote:
Christofer C. Bell wrote:
On 4/23/05, stuart <stuart jamesnet ca> wrote:
I have added 3 extra disks to my system, which i have created a new
raid5 device on /dev/md0.  I wish to use this device to serve webpages,
but when i change the document root directive in my httpd.conf, and
restart the httpd server, i get the error that this directory does not
exist. I have properly labeled md0 with "e2label" command and added the
approriate stanza in my "/etc/fstab" to mount the directory
automatically on boot. I have Selinux running on targeted policy and i
have attempted to use "fixfiles" and "restorecon" so that Selinux
recoginizes it.. But i am yet to have success. I have also tried just
using a normal ext3 partition, that i created after installation, and i
get the same error.

/dev/md0 is a metadevice that describes a raid5 disk volume, it's not
a directory.  While I'm not clear on what exactly you're doing from
your post, I have a sneaking suspicion that you've not mounted the
device anywhere.  What I believe you want to do is something akin to
the following:

# mkfs -t ext3 /dev/md0
# mount -t ext3 /mnt
# service stop httpd
# cp -a /var/www/html/* /mnt
# rm -rf /var/www/html/*
# umount /mnt
# mount -t ext3 /dev/md0 /var/www/html
# restorecon -R -v /var/www/html
# service httpd start

This creates an extended 3 filesystem on the new raid device, mounts
it in a temporary location, copies your existing web content to it,
removes the web content from the old location, and the replaces it
with the new raid device.  The restorecon is self-explanitory as are
the service commands.

If this isn't the issue, can you please give some more detail on the
problem you're experiencing?

Hey Chris thanks for the help, that is essentialy what i had done, the directory was mounted, but i had mounted it on a new partition directory named "/www" and then had changed my "/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf"  to reflect the new document root settings, i ran the "restorecon -R -v /www" and then reloaded the HTTPD server, the error i received was that none of my new directory structure existed. I then tried as you posted,  to mount my new MD0 device in its the position "/var/www" , "mount -t ext3 /dev/md0 /var/www" and ran "restorecon -R -v /var/www"  this seems to work as Apache loaded fine, where as me labeling  "/dev/md0" as "/www" and running "restorecon -R -v /www" didn't seem work for me. I know by default of course Apache has its core directory stored in "/var/www"
I have since found another directive in my "httpd.conf" that i had overlooked, the directive "<Directory "/var/www/html">" which i found i needed to also set to "/www/html". Once i changed this, all was well with either mounting my new "md0" in "/www" or "/var/www" with the approriate changes in "httpd.conf"

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