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Re: proper samba labeling

Daniel J Walsh wrote:
Farkas Levente wrote:

we just upgrade some of our server to selinux enabled kernel. but the date files are on a raid array which just remounted. this samba server's files are also on that array and they are not labeled at all. what is the right labeling for samba shares? i look trough policy source files but i can't find any proper type for samba. or it's the right way to not label sabma files at all?

Depends on what you want to do with the files. You might not want to label it at all. Is your server mounting files from a samba server? If
yes, those files will automatically be mounted as cifs_t.

If this machine is a samba server and you want to share those files, then it should be able to just do it. Are you seeing a problem sharing the files?

no, i asked it, since i just recognized these files are not labeled and may be it cause problems later.

If you want to provide general access to users you could use a mount option and mount them as nfs_t or user_home_t.

samba_share_t is in Rawhide/FC4 and is for the server side. These are files to be shared.


anyway is there any docs about nfs_home_dirs, etc?

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