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Re: Rawhide update gone awry

Stephen Smalley wrote:

On Tue, 2005-04-26 at 15:07 -0400, Steve Brueckner wrote:

I then did a touch /.autorelabel; reboot, then after rebooting a make
reload.  I'm using the targeted policy in permissive mode (things freeze up
when I setenforce 1).  Policy version is 19.

I get a lot of avc denied messages on boot; enough to make me think I did
something wrong with my policy update or kernel update.

It looks like a number of the avc denied messages are just noise; normally hidden by enforcing mode (because an earlier denial that has a dontaudit rule would have prevented the program from attempting the later access that you see being denied). Only ones that I saw that looked worrisome were the dhcpc attempt to run restorecon and the hald attempt to update fstab without transitioning into updfstab_t.

I think the restorecon is removed from the latest dhclient, updfstab is in policy as up 1.23-13-3, available on people.



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