"Good" sound-editing app for Fedora?

Brian byronkeys at inxpress.net
Mon Aug 1 02:54:44 UTC 2005


    After some initial guesswork (and deciding to go with a PCI 
form-factor once and for all), I now have a soundcard
installed in a Fedora Core 3 machine. However, although it passes "the 
test" on the install, I cannot find a suitable app for manipulating 
imported files such as ".WAV", "*.MP3", etc. They all seem to indicate 
playback-in-progress with the Fedora "bundled" apps, but no sound.

    The "Audicity" app is impressive enough with a Mandrake distro, but 
attempts to find an .RPM or binary for it with Fedora have proven 
useless so far. Suggestions, amyone? :-)

Brian Hagen

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