Getting started with Fedora SE Linux

Craig Burrell craig.burrell at
Mon Aug 8 16:12:26 UTC 2005

 Hello, all.

 I have recently installed Fedora Core 3 and begun exploring the SE
Linux security model.  I have a number of questions, but perhaps I'll
begin with something simple.

 I have been reading Bill McCarty's book on SE Linux (O'Reilly), which
is written for Fedora Core 2.  He makes frequent reference to files
(*.fc and *.te files, for instance) in the source directory
(/etc/security/selinux/src/).  In my installation, however, I don't
have that directory, nor can I find elsewhere on my system any of the
files to which he refers.

 Have I made an error in my installation, or is Fedora Core 3 that
different from Core 2?  Where in my installation are the security
policy source files to be kept?

 Thanks for your help,

 Craig Burrell

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