seaudit working?

Kevin Carr kcarr at
Mon Aug 29 14:41:26 UTC 2005

> i'd thought that seaudit was currently working again.  but when i just
> ran it, it coredumped.

It appears you have come across a different bug than was previously posted.

> this seaudit: setools-gui-2.1.1-2
> so, do we think it's working now?  or was i just imagining things?

I apologize for the confusion.  Setools-2.1.1 fixed a similar problem to the
one you are experiencing.  We actually found your bug and fixed it last week
and we are very close to releasing setools-2.1.2.  This release will contain
the fix to your problem.  The release will also add support for parsing avc
messages in auditd log files, something I had inadvertently and mistakenly
said was supported in setools-2.1.1.

> john
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Kevin Carr
Tresys Technology

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