Selinux and RPM packaging (trac)

Nicklas Norling exinor at
Wed Dec 7 15:18:42 UTC 2005


Been looking around for quite some time and have found very little about 
how one is
supposed to create rpm packages with selinux content.

Specifically I'm trying to create a rpm package of trac
The Wiki there suggests .fc and .te files for it

How would you recommend I go about this project. Does selinux contain a 
for plugging in .te and .fc files so contexts are recognized during the 
package install or
should I submitt these files for inclusion in the normal policy packages 
and wait for it
to hit the fans?

Do anyone have any pointers to best practis in these situations? What 
can the .spec file
do in order to keep track of selinux permissions etc.

Thankful for any help,

JID nicke at

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