Where is policy source?

Yuichi Nakamura himainu-ynakam at miomio.jp
Mon Dec 12 16:46:49 UTC 2005

Stephen Smalley  wrote:
> Policy sources are now only available via the .src.rpm file; it is no
> longer necessary or desirable to have a separate
> selinux-policy-targeted-sources package.
> If you just want to add policy, you can generate local policy
> separately, build it as a module, and install the module without needing
> the base policy sources.  See the EXAMPLE section of the updated
> audit2allow man page, along with the man pages for checkmodule,
> semodule_package, and semodule.
> We still need to have the reference policy install its interfaces files
> somewhere standard ala /usr/include so that we can write policy modules
> that use those interfaces without needing the .src.rpm for the base
> policy.

Thank you for information.

I am surprized at many changes,
but I will study them and if find something interesting, I will post.

Yuichi Nakamura
Japan SELinux Users Group(JSELUG)
SELinux Policy Editor:  http://seedit.sourceforge.net/

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