Making httpd work with trac and svn

Robin Bowes robin-lists at
Wed Dec 14 08:17:59 UTC 2005

Daniel J Walsh said the following on 13/12/2005 22:20:
> Robin Bowes wrote:
>> Yes. I am running svn hooks. eg. post-commit.
>> The post-commit script runs svn-mailer which, in turn, sends mail using
>> /usr/sbin/sendmail and also (optionally) includes diffs in the mails
>> (hence the need for temp file access).
> Not sure why you needed smpt since httpd should be allowed to transition
> to system_mail_t via sendmail

trac sends ticket notifications via smtp.

> You chould set the /var/trac directories to httpd_sys_content_t and I
> think you will get the execute for free.

OK, I'll give that a go.



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