Problem with VNC and SELinux: FC4

Chad Hanson chanson at
Sat Dec 17 05:40:57 UTC 2005


>With the new SELinux updates, it appears that root,
>other than normal users can login to Fedora via VNC
>Server?  My VNC Server is setup such that I am using
>xinitd for VNC Server requests.

A problem I noticed on FC4 with updates is that running VNC from initscripts
will cause user sessions to have a system_u:system_r:initrc_t context.  If
you start a VNC server as the user from a shell, you get get the expected
behavior of unconfined_t session.

>Another problem I noticed is that when I log into my
>Fedora system via VNC as root user, and open a xterm
>window and run a su - <normal-user>, I get back a
>SElinux message:
># su - dan
>Your default context is: user_u:system_r:kernel_t.
>Do you want to want to choose a different one? [n]

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