Selinux warning?

Tom Diehl tdiehl at
Sat Dec 31 17:36:17 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I have an EL4 box that every time I do su - vmail I get the following warnings
in the log:

Dec 31 12:25:22 roger su(pam_unix)[2055]: session opened for user vmail by root(uid=0)
Dec 31 12:25:22 roger su[2055]: Warning!  Could not relabel /dev/pts/3 with user_u:object_r:initrc_devpts_t, not relabeling.Operation not permitted

This started after I changed the UID in /etc/passwd and the gid in /etc/group.

(roger pts4) # ll -Z /dev/pts/3
crw-------  root     tty      root:object_r:initrc_devpts_t    /dev/pts/3
(roger pts4) #

Is there something that needs to be done for selinux when I change a u/gid??


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