steve w5set at
Thu Feb 10 23:00:35 UTC 2005

Sure--that info is readily available. Just march into the CIA Headquarters and 
demand the info you need and site the Freedom of Information ACT. But they 
will stall you forever, and try to read you another ACT, but I have heard 
that most of the collaboration is being done on the CLONEHitler project. Or 
was that the CLOWN HITLER project?
OHHHH--my mind is so fuzzy these days--YOU should recognize that symptom right 
off. But thanks to modern medicine I am so much better these days--maybe you 
should try some.
On a more realistic note, have you heard from ET lately? He hasn't called me 
in months now.
And the csm at the end of your name---Do you work for Wal Mart?  CSM there 
stands for Customer Service Manager.
Almost Sincerely, Steve

On Thursday February 10 2005 09:48, kent mcclanahan wrote:
> Gentlemen,could you please inform me how to obtain data on Nazi involvement
> with the National Security Agency and The Central Intelligence Agency
> including names of the projects?Most Sincerely,Kent McClanahan csm
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