[ANN] Setools 2.0 released

Karl MacMillan kmacmillan at tresys.com
Mon Feb 28 23:42:32 UTC 2005

A new version of Setools is available from http://www.tresys.com/selinux. This
release contains major new features including:

- Sediff: a new tool that allows a user to take two policies and find the
differences including added or removed types, users, roles, booleans and most
importantly type enforcement rules. The semantic difference of a policy is
different from the syntactic difference in that it shows the cumulative effect
of rules rather than doing a line-by-line comparison.

- File contexts database: major improvements were made to the file context
indexing and searching tools including conversion to an on-disk database for
reduced memory usage and integration into Apol.

- Direct file relabel analysis: a new analysis module was added to Apol for
analyzing direct object relabeling.

- Type relationship analysis: a new analysis module was added to Apol for to
facilitate understanding the relationship between two types. This analysis
builds on the rule searching and other analysis in Apol to give the user
convenient access to many queries and anlyses at once.

- Seaudit report: generation of reports was integrated into seaudit. Previously
this was only available as a commandline tool.

More details on the new features can be found at

Karl MacMillan
Tresys Technology
(410) 290-1411 ext 134 

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