NSA motives

Richard Irving rirving at antient.org
Tue Jul 5 17:20:43 UTC 2005

Christofer C. Bell wrote:

>On 7/5/05, Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu <Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu> wrote:
>>As a matter of fact, some of us (myself included) *don't* trust our government
>>to keep our best interests in mind.  On the other hand, I'm not worried about
>>the NSA sneaking in backdoors when the *real* problem is things like the Patriot
>>Act and standardized driver's licenses.....
<off topic rant>

>I don't see the big deal about standardized driver licenses,
    Bet you don't know why your Vote is anonymous, either, huh ?

> but as
>for the Patriot Act, if you think it's a bad thing, you're in the
>minority.  51% of Americans feel it's a good thing.
     Oh ? I hear approval is -much- lower. And, BTW, realizing that 50% of
the US have an IQ of about 100.... I am not sure this is really a 

    Most of the same people can't even conceive why the 1st and 5th 
even exist. Really. Thank God for Quorums.

> They re-elected
>George W. Bush 2004 in a Patriot Act America, and they re-elected
>their representives in Congress that passed the legislation in the
>first place. 

    Only because of FUD, GW is now at the 40% approval mark, a new
all time low... and the Congress that rode Diebold in, is down to 28%
approval rating. Something you don't hear much about.

    So the delusion that "everyone approves" is mere propaganda.

> We live in a very conservative America now and that
>America wants laws like the Patriot Act on the books.

    So did Nazi Germany, with its new efficient Government, called the
Third Reich. It too couldn't understand the need for Civil Rights.

   Matter of fact, it even created a slogan for the Nazi Youth,

  "Only Criminals don't want to be monitored"

  that, and another one you might have heard,
      "If you aren't for us, your against us".

>  It's nothing to
>do with some nefarious gov't conspiracy to make your life miserable. 
>Remember, it's not the government you need to worry about "trusting to
>keep your best interests in mind" it's your fellow voter.
    Wrong. Government cannot really be trusted, it is not a human, and 
it is not
a person,  that it -can- be trusted. It is a bureaucracy, with fiefdoms 
all over the
place. Remember Ruby Ridge.

   "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force!
     Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." - 
George Washington.

>Regardless, I think this "tin foil hat" pontificating about the NSA
>putting backdoor holes in SELinux hysterical.  I have a hard time
>believing there are people that suspect this is what's going on.  I'm
>sure the guys involved in coding that backdoor are the ones that
>helped stage the moon landings, also.
   Here, you and I concur.

>Of course, all the NSA guys are laughing at the snow job they've
>pulled over on me, as well.
  I doubt they have even noticed you. Most people assume they count in 
the big
picture of things, and they usually don't.

   My suggestion is to support the Constitution, and any document that 
attempts to
supersede it, without proper acceptance and ratification by 3/4th the 
 as mere trash. The Constitution is the Rule of Law, in America.

   Something several Supreme Court Judges have pointed out, already.



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