Abnormal Apache behavior.

Stefan Held obi at unixkiste.org
Wed Jul 6 00:43:22 UTC 2005

Hi guys. 

Dunno if this is not new to you, but i am experiencing a strange
behavior of the apache in FC4 with selinux enabled.

Ok. What have i done? 

First i wrote some php stuff and was wondering why the Server did not
allow to get some files in /css and does not allow to connect via an
network socket to the postgresql server.

Then i restarted the Server with apachectl stop and apachectl start.
From now on everything worked fine and like expected.

Then i did an Kernel update rebooted the machine and my Site was not
reachable again. So i did some investigation and saw in the audit.log
that selinux is disabling some stuff. 

Then i restarted again with apachectl stop and start. And like expected
the httpd started working again. 

Is this an issue? I think this behavior is not normal :-)

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