problems switching from targeted to strict policy...

tim kossack tim_kossack at
Mon Jul 11 04:22:12 UTC 2005


i just installed fc3 (with selinux=permissive and configuration=minimal)
in order to get familiar with selinux. 
after updating the system and installing the strict-policy as well as
the strict and targeted sources via yum, i edited /etc/selinux/config to
"strict" and rebooted.
since then, during boot, i'm getting flodded with "avc denied" for
nearly every service (didn't happen while i had "targeted" enabled),
even when i login.
i tried to fix it with executing "make load/reload/relabel" in the
strict-src-directory, but that doesn't work.
after second glance at the selinux-faq i discovered that i forgot to do
"touch/.autorelabel" before first reboot.
did this cause my problems, or is it a problem with the strict policy
how do i fix it (if still possible)?


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