using selinux to control user access to files

Russell Coker russell at
Tue Jul 12 12:59:37 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 10 May 2005 01:25, Valdis.Kletnieks at wrote:
> I remember seeing a statement on a RedHat page that their "lack of support"
> would basically mean "replicate your issue with enforcing=0 and then we'll
> talk", so things may not be as bad as all that...

It's a matter of reproduce with targeted policy, reproduce with selinux=0 or 
maybe reproduce with enforcing=0 (NB enforcing=0 still has some small 
potential to break things).

Also the exact details of how the problem must be reproduced will be 
negotiated with the support person.  For example if "ls" didn't display file 
details correctly you should not be required to reboot with enforcing=0.

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