Network drop out problem

Brad Douglas bdouglas at
Sun Jul 24 22:49:58 UTC 2005

Found the problem.  Someone had set up a Maxtor network storage device on
the same IP addr I was getting through DHCP.


Many thanks to those who responded.


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>Subject: Network drop out problem




>This is my first post here - please be gentle 8).


>Yesterday I installed FC4 on a HP ML110 proliant server.  The plan is to
use it as out file server, so I've got samba running on it, along with vnc.


>The problem I've run into is that the box appears to be running fine, but
every now and then _all_ the network connections to my >laptop (running XP)
disappear and can not reconnect for a few seconds: ssh, samba, vnc -
everything.  A few seconds later everything is fine again (till the next
time).  The weirdest thing is that I don't see any disruption pinging the


>I've gone through the samba, message and secure logs and can't see anything
obviously wrong.


>If anyone has an idea what's going on, or even where I could look to
diagnose the cause I'd be very grateful.




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