audit update breaks hwclock

Bobby Kashani bobk at
Thu Jul 28 18:36:46 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-07-28 at 05:26 -0700, Steve G wrote:
> >After updating audit today I get an error after udev is started that 
> >says that it can't connot to the audit system.
> Are you sure that you didn't update util-linux, too? I did submit a patch to
> util-linux to make hwclock log its actions as this is required by CAPP. I guess
> that got pushed out.

I get the same error and my clock is whacked too.


type=SELINUX_ERR msg=audit(1122574921.986:5): SELinux:  unrecognized
netlink message type=1009 for sclass=49

[medieval at chaucer ~]$ audit2allow -d
allow hwclock_t self:netlink_audit_socket create;


Bobby Kashani

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