local.te (was Re: avc: denied { ioctl }?

Hongwei Li hongwei at wustl.edu
Thu Jun 9 13:25:09 UTC 2005

> On Wed, 08 Jun 2005 09:28:20 CDT, Hongwei Li said:
>> but no local.te.  I don't see it under domain/program/ either.  Then, what
>> file should I run the above command to?
> You don't have a domain/program/local.te yet because you haven't done any
> local
> changes to ruleset yet.  Go ahead and create it if you decide to 'dontaudit'
> that
> one avc.

I created a file local.te under /etc/selinux/targeted/src/policy/domains/program/

and run:

# echo "dontaudit httpd_sys_script_t proc_t:file ioctl;" >> local.te

Now, this file has one line

dontaudit httpd_sys_script_t proc_t:file ioctl;

Then, when I run "make load", I got:

# make load
mkdir -p tmp
( cd domains/program/ ; for n in *.te ; do echo "define(\`$n')"; done ) >
( cd domains/misc/ ; for n in *.te ; do echo "define(\`$n')"; done ) >>
mv tmp/program_used_flags.te.tmp tmp/program_used_flags.te
make: *** No rule to make target `file_contexts/program/local.fc', needed by
`file_contexts/file_contexts'.  Stop.

What should I put in file_contexts/program/local.fc?



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