avc: denied { ioctl }?

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Tue Jun 14 06:05:21 UTC 2005

On Thursday 09 June 2005 00:28, "Hongwei Li" <hongwei at wustl.edu> wrote:
> Another question.  I installed selinux-policy-targeted-sources.  However, I
> could not find local.te under domains/misc.  What I see under domain are:

The point of the name "local.te" is that it will NEVER be used by any package 
or distribution of policy source.  So if you have not created such a file 
then it should not exist.

Another name reserved for the same purpose is "custom.te" (which I have used 
in examples of how to write policy).

When writing your own policy additions you should avoid using any name that 
might be used by the system.  If you have a name conflict then you risk 
losing your changes on an upgrade.

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