Weird denials at initialisation on FC4

Bojan Smojver bojan at
Sun Jun 26 01:57:26 UTC 2005

Quoting Valdis.Kletnieks at

> Most likely, the context on a mount point is stuffed up, so what happens is:
> 1) You get the error on the /usr directory (or whichever one it is) because
> *that* directory (inode 439777) is stuffed.
> 2) You get further in rc.sysinit, and something gets mounted over /usr.
> 3) Now you can't find the inode anymore, because it's been mounted over.
> Try booting off a rescue CD, and mounting your / partition *only*, and then
> see if you can find that inode.  I bet it's a mount point.
> (Been there, done that - ended up using the rescue CD to chcon the 
> mount points).

Thanks, that did it! The culprit? /proc. It needed to be relabelled to


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