system-config-printer/cups: unconfined_t:fifo_file {read write} ?

Tom London selinux at
Wed Mar 23 17:11:54 UTC 2005

> What is creating the pipe?
> Looks like
> file_type_auto_trans(ptal_t, var_run_t, ptal_var_run_t, { sock_file
> fifo_file })
> is required.
> >Tim.
> >*/
> >

Uhh... I can't seem to find ptal on my system.

I have hpijs installed, but not hpoj (that right?) 

I don't seem to have anything in /etc/init.d for ptal. No ptal, no pipe?

Again, I just tried to connect this printer 'for the first time'. I
was just trying to print on it.... Do I need hpoj for this? s-c-p
didn't seem to complain, and printing works.

Could this be an operator (me) miscue? (if so, sorry....)

Tom London

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