Desktop apps interoperability

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Mon Mar 28 16:51:09 UTC 2005

--- Tom <tom at> wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 28, 2005 at 12:27:31AM -0500, Ivan
> Gyurdiev wrote:
> > Part of the problem seems to be the way Linux apps
> treat /home, as the
> > place for everything. 
> It doesn't. It treats $HOME as the only place that
> the user has
> permission to store his stuff. On a well-configured
> system, that
> assumption is correct.

Windows and MacOS are designed as single user systems.
Unix and Linux are designed as multiuser systems.
Configuring a Windows system for multiple 
concurrent users is quite painful. Configuring
unix for a single user seems unnecessarily difficult.

Interestly, when we did the B1/LSPP versions of 
unix the home directory model helped reduce the
problem of user sensitivity restrictions by
isolating the part of the directory hierarchy
that had to be customized for the user.

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