Desktop apps interoperability

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at
Wed Mar 30 05:01:06 UTC 2005

How about

New Directory Structure (added to /skel, or whatever)
~/content - ROLE_content_t
~/content/desktop - ???
~/content/downloads - ROLE_untrusted_content_t
~/content/media - ROLE_media_content_t
~/content/documents - ROLE_documents_content_t
~/content/mail - ROLE_mail_content_t
~/content/export_web - ROLE_httpd_user_content_t
~/content/export_samba - ROLE_samba_share_t
~/content/export_p2p - ROLE_p2p_share_t

Desktop apps will be restricted to only access the appropriate one.
"Downloading" apps will be restricted to download to
untrusted_content_t. to move things to/from ~/content/downloads in a nice
user-friendly way? What context for desktop? What role will the desktop

Ivan Gyurdiev <ivg2 at>
Cornell University

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