Everything got broken. selinux-policy-targeted-1.17.30-2.90

Omri Schwarz ocschwar at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 30 18:08:09 UTC 2005

Mea maxima culpa, gentlemen. 

The source of many of the errors was LibSafePlus, a library recently 
released and published in Usenix, and which I had ben testing. I would 
have to look more closely at the getsebool source code to see why specifically
it would cause that binary to fail. But it caused many to do so. 
(LibSafePlus by default adds itself to ld.so.preload.)
That solved the sudo and X login problems. I'm curious enough to wonder
why I got the specific error messages I got with this library, so I will
investigate further at a later date. 

That leaves the issue of accounts in the NIS directory. There is one 
that does indeed have an /etc/ home, and I will need to look out for 
that because I can see that it will continue to cause /etc/ to be 
mis-contexed, but I suspect this problem will be relatively cosmetic. 

Many thanks!

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